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Yurangalo Inc

Click here to view the Yurammie State Forest hydrology report prepared by Forests NSW

Click here to download Forests NSW Presentation to Wyndham Community Meeting 11.5.2010 (pdf 1MB)

Click here to view the footage of the Wyndham Rally on YouTube

Yurangalo continues to keep a watching brief on the Yurammie Special Prescription Zone. At our recent meeting we discussed communications regarding the Freedom of Information request that had yielded information about wood supply agreements and communications with Forests NSW concerning logging proposals for compartments 966 -967. We will continue to notify the community of any information we receive regarding the Yurammie Special Prescription Zone We also discussed the disturbing lack of funding/resources for programs like threatened species surveying in State Forests and the overseeing of logging operations.

The SPZ consists of five forestry compartments (963 - 967) in Yurammie State Forest; three compartments are on the Wyndham side and two adjoin Goodenia Rainforest in the east. This forest is the watershed for two rivers, the Pambula River to the east and the Towamba River in the west.

Because of its significance, community members have been lobbying the NSW Government to protect Western Yurammie since the early ‘90s. As a result of community pressure, these five compartments were designated a Special Prescription Zone during the 1998 Regional Forest Agreement.

The NSW Government has received two community petitions requesting the permanent protection of this forest in 1998 and 2001. It has also received thousands of letters asking it to protect the community’s interests. Yurangalo Inc. has been producing calendars that feature images taken by its members in the SPZ since 2006. In addition to highlighting the beauty and diversity of the SPZ to the wider community, the calendars have raised funds to continue Yurangalo Inc’s campaign.

Recently Yurangalo Inc. discovered that Forests NSW intend, in 2010, to log the five compartments that make up the SPZ. Forests NSW have stated that when their logging schedule is confirmed they will come up with a consultation process with which Yurangalo Inc will be ‘comfortable’. Given past history, Yurangalo Inc. and the broader Wyndham community will not be ‘comfortable’ about having Western Yurammie logged in any way.

Yurangalo Inc. has also launched a postcard campaign to demonstrate to Forests NSW that the local community, and others that appreciate the values that Western Yurammie represents, support the permanent protection of this forest. These five compartments are more valuable as they are on the basis of their forest structure, water, soil, biodiversity and carbon sequestration values than degraded by logging.

With plantation wood supplies flooding the market and the Nippon Paper woodchip mill at Eden looking for ways to use surplus woodchips by burning forests for electricity, it is vital that the degradation that is native forest logging is halted. It has been clearly indicated that it is not economically viable. Western Yurammie is more valuable locally and nationally intact than as a pile of woodchips and a few sawlogs.

To help protect Western Yurammie, please go to the 'How You Can Help' page.